ROBOTICON 2022 - Powered by Nevermore FMS

Nevermore FMS

An Open Source alternative to the proprietary FMS (Field Management System) used in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

The core framework is written in Rust, with a gRPC API for Plugins to communicate via.

Powers the yearly ROBOTICON Offseason event in October.


Sparrow Testing System

A large stack of software and hardware intended to both safely operate the Sparrow Liquid Rocket Engine and gather accurate data.

Designed with it’s core written in Rust, UI written in React, and engine specific code is written in Typescript.

Currently on-track to be tested in production in December of 2022.

Hot Fire of the Phoenix Engine - January 2022
Home Page of Poesitory


The plugin management system for the Nevermore FMS, implements a full Docker Registry for plugin code.

The backend is written in Golang, while the frontend is written in Typescript with React.

Currently being integrated into the Nevermore FMS. Estimated to be integrated by December 2022.